$5 Public Mobile sim cards

Public Mobile sim cards are currently available at Amazon.ca for $5.

Unlike some of the other listings on eBay and Amazon, this specific listing is sold by Public Mobile and fullfilled by Amazon. This is an ideal option if you need one of their sim cards and have a Prime membership or are already purchasing other items meeting the minimum requirement for free shipping.

Sim cards are regularily $10 if purchased directly through publicmobile.ca).


Don’t forget to use a referral code when activating with Public Mobile – this gets you a $10 credit and gives the referring customer a $1 credit for each month that you continue to be a subscriber.

Ask your friends or coworkers to see if any of them are already with Public Mobile. Otherwise feel free to use my referral code – ZP2W7O (letter O, not zero).

See previous posts on this site for other Public Mobile savings tips.

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