Angus Reid Forums review

Angus Reid is a Canadian research/polling company, whose data you may have heard cited in the news from time to time.

You can give your opinion on a number of topics by registering and answering surveys at Angus Reid Forums, while collecting points.

I have completed only a few surveys so far with 100 – 150 points awarded for each, and each taking about 5-10 minutes.

Points can be accumulated and redeemed for e-gift cards. At present, you can select to redeem 2500 points for $25 from,, Cineplex, or iTunes.

It may be worth a try if you find yourself bored riding transit or having some free time on your hands.

Personally, I will give it a go until I have enough points for my first redemption. I will update this post at that time with how long it takes for them to deliver, and then assess whether I will continue participating.

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