Canadian Microsoft PC software class action settlement

Did you have a PC and purchase MS-DOS, Windows, Office, Word, Works, and/or Excel between December 23, 1998 and March 11, 2010?

You could qualify to receive compensation in a settlement for a class action lawsuit brought against Microsoft, alleging that the company was involved in a conspiracy to illegally increase prices for certain Microsoft products.

Payments range from $6.50 – $13.00 per product license (up to a maximum of $250 without a receipt).

Visit or (French), for more details and to submit your claim.

Deadline for claim submissions is September 23, 2021.

Since this was initially announced, spread through internet forums and on social media, some have been questioning the legitimacy of this offer.

It is NOT a scam and has been reported on the past month, by various media, including CBC. The claims website is also directly linked to from the websites of each of the law firms involved.

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