DraftKings Free Pools

DraftKings is a fantasy sports betting site, but you can make a little bit of coffee money without spending anything.

They have a Free Pools category where you can make picks on a variety of sports including NHL, NBA, NFL, UFC and more.

From time to time there are pools on the outcome of TV shows, WWE matches, and even on the weather.

Potential winnings depend on the number of correct picks and number of participants in the pool.

There is a minimum $5 USD for cashouts of winnings via Paypal. These are processed within a few days.

While you can keep the money in your account to use and make fantasy picks for games starting from 10¢, I prefer to just withdraw.

Since this summer, I have made 3 cashouts to date.

Do NOT use if you believe you have or may be susceptible to developing a gambling problem.

Not yet a Paypal member?   Use my referral to create an account and earn a $10 bonus when you spend a minimum $5.

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