Free online cloud storage services

Finding yourself running out of online backup storage space?

Here’s a quick rundown of a few services with free plans that I have tried out or am currently using:

Free Storage Notes 10GB Maximum file size: 250MB
Dropbox 2GB Refer new users and both get 500MB bonus (maximum 16GB)
Google Drive 15GB Shared across Google Drive, Gmail, & Google Photo.
IceDrive 10GB 3GB Daily Bandwidth 20GB Account deleted if “inactive for an extended amount of time”
Microsoft OneDrive 5GB Refer new users and both get 500MB bonus (maximum 10GB)
pCloud 10GB Refer new users and get 1GB bonus (maximum 10GB) 5GB Refer new users and both get 1GB bonus (maximum 20GB)

In addition to featuring Android & iOS apps, all of the above services also have a Windows software client available.


  • Additional Google storage can be obtained by purchasing a Google One subscription which can be paid for via Google Play credit.
  • Earn free Google Play credit with Google Opinion Rewards.
  • Google Play gift cards can sometimes be found on promotion with bonus rewards points awarded when purchased at various supermarkets – check your weekly flyers or add it to your watchlist in your preferred flyer app.

* Note: Links in table above use my referral codes where applicable.

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