GasBuddy app review – save money on gas

GasBuddy is a crowdsourced app with which you can use to seek out gas station prices, as reported by other drivers in your area.

With the high price of fuel and the ever rising cost of living, every little bit helps.

You can set the search to within a certain distance from your location, and filter to show your preferred gas stations.

You can then plan your fill-up accordingly especially if you see a cheaper station along your regular route.

Users earn points when reporting a gas price, with which can then be used to enter the daily contests to win a $100 gas gift card.

The app’s effectiveness is completely dependent on the number of users in your area.

There are enough users in my city that whenever I check, the last reported price for many stations are usually within the past few hours.

I don’t regularly see substantial price differences, but on some occasions I have seen variations between the lowest and highest price of up to 5¢ to 10¢/litre which can make it worth your while.

Don’t forget to join the rewards programs for the gas stations that you use.

And don’t just sit on your rewards points indefinitely – I recommend cashing them in when you accumulate enough, especially if the program occasionally has bonus redemption offers


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