Get free gift cards for buying Driscoll’s berries

There is a high likelihood that most grocery shoppers don’t pay attention to the brand when buying fruits or vegetables in general, let alone notice the name on the package label when buying berries.

However, the next time you have strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, or raspberries on your grocery list, note if there’s a Driscoll’s brand when you browse through your supermarket produce section.

Up until last year, Driscoll’s had been offering printable discount coupons towards your next package of berries, for answering customer satisfaction surveys about your most recent purchase.

Sometimes there will be multiple brands displayed together at the same price. The Driscoll’s ones will have a sticker on the bottom with a unique code to enter when filling out the online survey.

They have since changed their Consumer Advisory Panel program to a community-based system, and are now offering participants the ability to accumulate and redeem points for e-gift cards.

Existing members were sent emails with links to create a new account and to transfer their points balance over.

You’ll earn 25 points per survey, with the minimum redemption starting at 200 points for a $2 e-gift card.

Their site currently states you can choose from “popular gift-card brands including major retailers such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart”. This is likely the US offering.

With the new system having just launched, I have yet to accumulate enough points to learn what e-gift cards are available to Canadian members. This post will be updated when more info becomes available.

For more details and to sign up, visit

Update: 2021-02-01

I accumulated enough points and decided to redeem today.

Unfortunately, the process doesn’t let you know what e-gift cards are actually available until AFTER you redeem your points. You are emailed a code which you must enter at a third-party fulfillment site, and only then are presented with your options.

I had only two choices available to me; and Columbia Sportswear.

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