How to save on Canadian postage stamps

This past year saw a significant jump in greeting card sales due to the pandemic.

I can see the appeal of receiving an actual birthday or Christmas card in the mail, which has a more personal touch to it, as opposed to a greeting over email.

If you find yourself regularly sending out letters or cards, don’t forget that you can save on domestic postage when you purchase a pack of 10 “P” stamps, for $9.20+tax, vs the cost of buying these individually at $1.07+tax each.

Plus, further savings can be had at third-party retailers – I have seen these 10-packs advertised for an additional 10% off, every now and then in the flyer for Shoppers Drug Mart and nearly every month at Rexall.

Note that stamp purchases do not earn you PC Optimum or Rexall Be Well points.

Add “stamps” to your watchlist on a smartphone flyer app like Flipp to be made aware of when the next sale is.

Current postage rates and standards can be found at

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