How to save on seeds for your garden

With warmer weather arriving, you might be thinking about planning your garden.

While it may be too late to start some plants directly from seed, there are plenty of vegetables including peas, beans, radishes, etc. that can be planted throughout the summer.

Prior to purchase, check on the back of the seed packets for planting instructions including suggested seasonal/temperature requirements and length of time to harvest.

The following stores are a few places where you can purchase flower and vegetable seeds at a discount:

Dollar Tree

My local Dollar Tree store currently has a display with a variety of Valley Greene seed packets at 4 for $1.25.


The 99¢ packets of Garden Corner seeds typically sell at Dollarama for 3 for $0.99, with price reductions as the growing season progresses.

Giant Tiger

My local Giant Tiger store currently has Garden Corner packets at $0.49 each.

Free Seeds:

Community Groups

Non-profit organizations in some municipalities operate community gardens and free seed exchanges. Search online to see if there are any in your area.

Public Libraries

Some public libraries run free seed exchange programs. Many physical locations are still closed due to the pandemic. Contact your local library branch to inquire whether they are operating a seed program this season.


Keep an eye out for garden centres at supermarkets and hardware stores to start opening up in the upcoming months. Last year, in the midst of the pandemic lockdown, availability of vegetable plants were scarce and quickly sold out in my area.

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