JOURNIE Rewards – save money on gas

JOURNIE Rewards is the rewards program for Pioneer, Fas Gas, Ultramar, and Chevron gas stations.

Earn at a rate of 1 point per litre and 2 points per dollar spent on in-store purchases.

When 300 points is accumulated, a fuel discount of 7¢ off per litre on the next 100 litres is automatically applied on the account.

For a limited time, register for a new account through the app and get 150 points to start. This also lets you choose 2 free rewards (bottled water, snacks, bonus points, etc).

You can pick up a physical card at the gas station and link to your account or request to have one sent to you.

Follow them on Facebook and enter to win 100 JOURNIE points each week.

Plus, JOURNIE Rewards also has a unique referral program – when you invite your friends with your promo code, they get 2¢ off per litre and you’ll get 3¢ off per litre, after they sign up and make their first purchase.

The discount will appear in the app and is in addition to any discount you already qualify for. It is a one time offer and will apply on the next fill up made within 30 days (up to 100 litres).

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