McDonald’s website coupons

Want to take advantage of an in-app offer that you’ve already redeemed for the week?

Some of the same deals are available as coupons on the McDonald’s website.

Open up a browser from your smartphone while at the restaurant and visit Show the code at the counter or enter it at the self-order kiosk.

The website coupons are generally the same as the ones that were delivered to your home along with the flyers a few times a year in pre-pandemic times.

However, like the in-app offers, only 1 website-based coupon can be used per visit.

If I want to take advantage of multiple deals whether it be in the app or through coupons at the kiosk, I personally have no qualms submitting multiple individual orders in a row. I just let the staff know that the next two orders are mine.

The only minus with the non-app coupons is that you won’t accumulate the digital reward credit from any fries or coffee ordered.

And don’t forget, in Ontario, separate smaller orders can actually save you some change.

Since the introduction of the HST, purchases of fast food under $4 have been exempt from the 8% PST portion (with some exceptions) with only the 5% GST charged on your order. However, with inflation over the years, there isn’t much these days that will fall under that limit anymore.

UPDATE: McDonald’s is no longer publishing coupon codes on their website anymore. Make sure you retain the coupons that come to your physical mailbox – you can use those same codes at the self-order kiosk an unlimited number of times (1 per order) until the coupon expires.

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Anyone have the big mac coupon code?

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