Qmee surveys app review

Qmee is a survey and cashback app which I recently came across while downloading some cashback apps in preparation for Black Friday shopping .

What caught my eye in this app is the relatively high paying surveys available.

Cashouts are available via Paypal and gift cards.

However, I kept getting declined for every survey.

In some cases it was after a few qualifying questions. But more annoyingly – many times, the decline came AFTER completing the respective surveys.

The app also seems a bit buggy and sluggish when accessing surveys. In some cases it would get stuck, or I would be informed I was still in another survey when I had already submitted it.

In the Qmee subreddit, it appears others have had similar experiences.

But the app does appear legit, as people have posted of their earnings and cashouts.

As for the cashback portion of the app, it is mostly for games, and a handful of online stores that I have personally never heard of.

For cashback with Canadian online retailers, stick with Rakuten or Great Canadian Rebates.

Overall, Qmee was a fail for me and will be uninstalled.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve had better luck.

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Update: Referral offer has ended.

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