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Receipt Hog app review

I’m currently trying out an app called Receipt Hog which lets you earn rewards and sweepstakes entries on your shopping trips.

Depending on the dollar amount spent on your purchase, you can earn from 5 – 20 “Coins” whenever you upload a receipt.

There is an upload threshold of 20 receipts per week. Even a small purchase such as a single item at the dollar store can qualify to earn Coins.

Some categories of purchases can also earn slot pulls, which give you a chance to win additional Coins and other prizes, including having your last shopping trip paid for.

You can also earn on your Amazon orders by linking your account (I have personally not tried this option yet).

1000 Coins can be redeemed for a $5 prepaid Visa, $5 Amazon e-gift card, or $5 cash sent via Paypal.

I will update this post once I accumulate enough Coins to make my first redemption (I’m about half way there).

I have found the app to be smooth and easy to use – with receipt/store recognition and approval to be quite fast.

If you’re already uploading your grocery receipts to other cashback apps, you may as well take a minute and upload it to Receipt Hog too.

If you want to give it a try, use my referral code: dem26552

You’ll get 5 slot spins after you register and upload your first receipt. Then you can refer your friends and get 250 Coins for each one who signs up and uploads a receipt.



Cashout requested and received – the app is legit.

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