ReceiptJar app review

I just signed up for ReceiptJar, another cashback app for uploading your shopping receipts.

Everything about it is nearly identical to Receipt Hog, an app I signed up for a couple of months ago and reviewed here.

If you are already uploading receipts to one app, why not continue to maximize your earnings with other apps at the same time.

Want to give it a try?

Use my referral code RYQCX8 in the receipt tab and get 200 points when you upload your first receipt.


Minimum redemption is $5 for 1000 points. Choose from Paypal or a variety of different gift cards.

The larger the cashout, the greater the discount ($50 can be redeemed for 9500 points).

I recently accumulated enough points to cash out $20 at a discounted 3900 points.

The app is legit – give it a shot.

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Cashout requested and approved.