Some notes on Subway MyWay Rewards

I haven’t been to Subway in awhile and recently received an email notice informing me that I had 6 weeks to make a purchase or lose my rewards.

Here are some important notes to remember about the program:

  • Your rewards token balance is lost unless you make at least one purchase a year.
  • $2 rewards discounts must be used within 90 days.

The math:

  • Earn 4 tokens per $1 spent
  • Accumulate 200 tokens for $2 off

The token value is currently 1¢ each. This is the equivalent of 4% in rewards – spend $50, get $2 off.

Stay on top of your rewards balances for any programs you are a member of, especially if you are not a frequent user.

While some rewards programs may send you pending expiry reminders like Subway did, others might not.

Do you have additional tips or questions about anything in this post? Please leave a comment below.

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