Swiss Chalet mailer coupons (Exp. October 29th)

Check your mailbox for the latest mailer for Swiss Chalet, comprising of coupons for dine-in and take-out, or for delivery, and which expire October 29th, 2023.

The actual coupons are required for in-restaurant dining. However the coupon codes for the respective deals can be used for phone orders, or in the Swiss Chalet app at participating restaurants.

Take-out coupon codes:

  • Two Quarter Chicken Dinners – $20.99 – SC700
  • Two Can Dine Deluxe – $29.99 – SC701
  • Meal Deal (Quarter Chicken Dinner + appetizer + can of pop) – $18.99 – SC711

Delivery coupon codes:

  • Quarter Chicken Dinner plus appetizer & can of pop – $22.49 – SC704
  • Two Quarter Chicken Dinners plus two cans of pop – $29.99 – SC705
  • Half Chicken Dinner plus slice of pie & can of pop – $22.49 – SC714

The aforementioned coupon codes were in the mailer received in Ontario. Offers may differ in other provinces.

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