Tim Hortons app is down

Dropped by my local Tim Hortons today to find the app not behaving normally – my points and offers were not being displayed and the QR code did not appear when tapping Scan.

The staff said that the servers were down and that I would not be able to earn or redeem my rewards points

Furthermore, some in line who were also buying hockey cards, had to pay the regular price of $1.99 instead of the promo price of $1.

If you found yourself losing out on your points or a discounted food offer today, contact customer service through the app when it comes back online.

The last time the system was down, I contacted customer service and was credited some bonus points for the inconvienence.

Today’s problems might be attributed to the current outage being reported at Amazon Web Services, a cloud infrastructure provider to many major websites and apps.

The Tim Hortons NHL Hockey Challenge game might also be down – some may lose out if in the middle of a streak and unable to get their picks in on time.

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