Tim Hortons Tell Tims feedback survey – $1 French Vanilla, Hot Chocolate or Iced Coffee

The next time you visit Tim Hortons, ask for a receipt with your order – the register may print out a survey code at the bottom of your receipt or on a separate slip (as pictured below).

Fill out the customer satisfaction survey at telltims.ca and receive a validation code to write down on the slip to redeem for any size French Vanilla, Hot Chocolate, or Iced Coffee for $1 (+tax).

If you usually make your order through the app, from time to time, you may be sent an email with a guest survey link – in that case, the offer will be added to your account.

Don’t forget to activate it prior to ordering. Offer expires 30 days after completion of survey.

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Tim’s survey -I don’t want t open an account-just to buy a cheap french vanilla


Haven’t paid regular price so far for my ice coffee or french vanilla this year! 🙂 My Timmies always has a few of these sticking out of the receipt printer. Just ask for it if you see one.


Not allowing me to do it


Can i get roll up to win with this?


how do i get $1 timbits suvey?


Doesn’t work for coffee, iced coffee working

Jacki Tsinonis

My name is Jacki and I received this receipt on Sept. 5, 2023 and entered the Survey Code and the first time I entered it the response that popped up said it can’t be accepted at this please Click Here and Try Again, so I did and the pop up said Sorry it has already been accepted. How can it be accepted if they tell me it didn’t go thru the first time and when you purchase an Ice Coffee for $1.00 you must hand the receipt to the cashier. Could someone please let me know an answer. Thank you!