How to save on your Google One subscription

Google One is a paid subscription service that offers expanded cloud storage capacity beyond the free 15GB that Google Drive provides.

At present, paid memberships start at $2.79/month for 100GB.

Android-based smartphone users can earn free Google Play credit by answering surveys with Google Opinion Rewards.

This credit can then in turn be used to pay for your Google One membership, along with anything else in the Google Play ecosystem including apps, games, books and more.

iOS users may also participate in Google Opinion Rewards and earn real $ payable through Paypal.

The frequency of surveys and amount paid can vary. Based on personal experience, I have gone through week-long stretches without any surveys to receiving surveys almost daily. Each was quick and simple, taking just a few seconds to complete.

When signing up for Google One, simply set your monthly payment method to “Google Play balance”, and you may likely not have to ever pay out of pocket for your subscription.

Personally, I have been earning enough Google Play credit to maintain my Google One subscription for “free”.

Note that earned Google Play credit expire after 1 year and cannot be cashed out. Consider using up any credit due to expire, by donating to developers in the Play store, whose apps you frequently use.

Your Google Drive should not be the only storage location of your important files. Remember that it is good practice to have multiple backups including different cloud storage services and offline portable hard drives.

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