Food Basics app review

With the price of food having gone up during this pandemic – every discount you can get at the grocery store adds up.

Savings can be had by making use of cashback apps and app-only offers provided by your preferred supermarket.

If you shop at Food Basics you may want to consider trying out their app, available for both Android and iPhone.

I personally don’t generally install apps with ratings of less than 4 (the Food Basics app currently has a rating of 3.8 on Google Play and 2.9 in the Apple App Store), but after reading some of the reviews – I found a number of the negative ones excessively harsh or unwarranted.

It’s a simple app that I have had no issue with. It’s main functunality is to provide you with digital coupons which are issued weekly, on Thursdays, coinciding with their flyer cycle.

Simply scan your app’s bar code at checkout to apply the discounts for any of the coupons you have added.

The coupons are usually for their Irristables or Selection products – Metro’s private lable brands.

My Food Basics location has free wifi, so those of you without a data plan can still use the app if your location is also equipped with wifi.

There is also a setting in the app for which you can have your shopping receipt emailed to you.

Examples of offers:

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